I like metallic...

When painting a piece of furniture, by itself somehow it did not impress me. I like metallics, upholstery tacks, the effect achieved with the glaze. When I look at pictures of furniture that I painted in the past, or we have  in our house only a dresser  in Gabriella's nursery  is not finished with  any of my favorite techniques.
 Several times I thought to use a gold metallic glaze, but it means taking out this dresser to garage which my husband don't want to hear about.

nightstand painted 3 years ago finished with diy gold metallic wax

nightstand distressed and glazed
upholstery tacks on drawers

Maia's nightstand with brocade top ( not very durable)
latest painted piece French Provincial dresser redesigned in charcoal gray and metallic pewter paint.
client is pick it up  next week.