Diy ~ Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer

Since my kitchen is done ( I mean back splash is installed, but window still need to be painted), I was looking for cheap drawer organizers. I like those custom fit drawer organizers but price tag (even it I need only 3) is definitely out of my range. I knew that other diners already figured  out easiest way to build it, so I looked online, and make my decision.

After a trip to Home Depot I came back with 3 pieces of 1/4 x 3 x 36" poplar craft board for $2.32 each (this is 2,5 inches wide perfect for my 3" heigh drawers).
There was also oak boards but I decided that poplar will be perfect.
To build this drawer organizer I used :
~ 3 pieces of poplar craft board
~ drawer
~ measuring tape
~ pencil
~ Black & Decker Jigsaw
~ wood glue
~ finishing gun & air compressor (I think that glue is not enough)
~ fine grit sanding block
~ paint brush (Wooster Pro nylon) and  Minwax polycrylic in gloss finish (to mimic finish of inside of my  drawers)

I started from the  lining paper  on the bottom  to  draw a layout. I measured the length of the side walls, and I cut it, then I measured (twice just to be sure) crosswise wall.Using glue and finishing gun attached a crosswise part to the side walls. Then I measured and cut rest of pieces, dry fit in drawer every piece before gluing and stamping together.
 To finish it out  I wipe out excess wood glue, sand everything with 220 grit sanding block and finished out with Minwax polycrylic.

This was very easy, fast and  inexpensive project, and my drawers look like custom made.
If you have questions feel free to ask. Here is my end product, I like how it fit in the drawer.
Next day I get 2 another  pieces of poplar to build another organizer for my cooking utensils. For this drawer  I  used 4" wide (3,5" to be exact) for 4"drawer height. 
From this:

 I used exactly the same technique. Measured, cut, dry fit, sand, measure another piece, cut, dry fit, glueing and using finishing gun.
 And here is my  finished in drawer organizer:
What do you think?

Ps. I received a comment that I copied this idea from another  blog without mention about them. Sorry my mistake. Here is couple of blog   links visited by me before I started working on this  utensil organizer: