Diy ~ Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer

Since my kitchen is done ( I mean back splash is installed, but window still need to be painted), I was looking for cheap drawer organizers. I like those custom fit drawer organizers but price tag (even it I need only 3) is definitely out of my range. I knew that other diners already figured  out easiest way to build it, so I looked online, and make my decision.


I like metallic...

When painting a piece of furniture, by itself somehow it did not impress me. I like metallics, upholstery tacks, the effect achieved with the glaze. When I look at pictures of furniture that I painted in the past, or we have  in our house only a dresser  in Gabriella's nursery  is not finished with  any of my favorite techniques.


Table Refinishing ~ Progress

I decided to share with you the progress in the renewal of the table. I know it's been three weeks since I started, but life has its rights (and each stain or paint layer  required  drying time).
Three weeks later  I'm ready to put a layer of poly to protect my hard work.